Jul 23, 2014

Letter To Our TWO Year Old

Dear Brody-

Where have the last two years gone?  Seriously, just like that you are TWO and the sweetest happiest kid there is.  How did I get to lucky to call you my son?

Before you were born we dreamed about what you would like at two.  Would you be adventurous?  Would you be shy? Would you be outgoing?  Secretly we wished away the younger days just so we could see this stage.  We knew it would be the best- the absolute most fun and we KNEW we would just want to bottle you up.  So who are you now that we're here?

You are laid back and just go with the flow.  We could not ask for an easier little man; seriously, you are SO easy.  You transition from one task and item to the next without hesitation.  This is great for our family because we are spontaneous.

You are happy- always happy.  Well, maybe not always happy but if you have bubbles, fruit, your pups, at school with your friends, hanging with your teachers, swimming, playing with water, or swinging at the park you are certain to have a smile from ear to ear.

You have the most adorable dimples and smile.  Seriously, how do they expect parents to discipline their kiddos when they are so cute?  We were dealt a difficult hand on this one.

Speaking of discipline you are still learning how to be OK with 'no' and comprehend what it means.  We don't and can't always give you what you want but we will always give you what you need.

Your lack of rhythm but love for music is heartwarming.  Sorry kiddo, neither mom or dad have any dance skills either so we don't know if you will either, but we love to watch you stomp your feet and bob your head.  The other morning at breakfast Beyonce came on and it practically lit up your world.  I think you are a Rap and R&B lover at heart.  Again, sorry for passing on a lack of rhythm and skills to you.  With a little practice and determination we're sure you will be able to fit in dancing with friends at a club (someday way in the future anyway.)

You want to be just like mommy and daddy.  You love to complete tasks right along with us: vacuuming, cleaning, exercising, reading, you name it you are our little shadow.  Secretly we cannot wait until we can really enlist your help and do some chores around the house.  I'm sure by the time this day comes your interest in these tasks will have faded.

You are kind and gentle--mostly.  Sometimes when you are seeking attention you get a little wild but overall very mild mannered.  You share your toys well with other kids and want to be inclusive to all.  Sometimes mommy worries that you don't always advocate for yourself when you should.  We'll need to work on finding you a voice for those times when you aren't quite sure what happened.  Of course in a gentle appropriate way.

Happy Birthday, Bman!  We love you more than we ever could have imagined.  Now please STOP growing-- you are perfect just the way you are.


Mama and Daddy

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May 26, 2014

Weekends Should...

Be laid back
Have lots of family time
Always be three days long
Include mid-day naps
Have walks with the dogs
Require and extra cup of coffee, just because there is time
Allow for pancakes twice
Have two trips to the park

I wish all weekends could look exactly like this weekend did for us.  Normally I feel the rush to get errands done and run around all day Saturday only to cram lots of R&R on Sunday.  Having that extra day really helped ease the rush and really helped us to spend lots of time together at the park, in the back yard, lounging gin PJ's until 10am....  It was fabulous.

Over the past year I have really tired hard to find balance with being a working mom, manage the house and  just be a mom in general.  While  it's gotten better and somewhat easier, it always results in the weekend rush.  My solution to some of this is using more Amazon prime for things I would otherwise need a Target trip for (paper towels, toilet paper, detergent, etc.).   The UPS truck is literally here like 3 times a week.

I think another solution to easing the chaos would be to always have three day weekends.  But then again, if you give a mouse a cookie she'll just want milk to go with it- if you know that book you get it but if not what it basically means is that if I always had a three day weekend I would eventually probably just want a 4 day weekend.  Anyone else agree?

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May 16, 2014

Bman at 22 Months

I cannot believe that in two short months Brody will be 2- seriously, where does the time go?  I want to just freeze time and keep him at this age forever.  His curiosity and wonder never cease to amaze me and his intuition and discovering things for the first time is just incredible to watch.  IfI had a super power it would be to freeze time and keep him this way for eternity.  I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I don't have to age either, right??

So what is he up to these days?  Well for one, he's really in to Mickey Mouse.  He gets to watch one episode after dinner and he literally sits for 20 minutes and is intrigued by the "mousekatools" and that goofy Goofy.  Nothing brings a bigger smile to my face then the second he hears The Hot Dog Song.  He smiles ear to ear and begin so twist his body and swing his arms. Oh, I melt.

Books. This kid could read books all day long.  This is sort of a blessing and a curse- while I am thrilled he loves to read with me, I am soooooo over reading the same 5 books.  I have tried swapping out the books but he just asks for "Amma Mama" (Llama Llama books).  His favorite is Llama Llama Home with Mama.

Brody has a lot to say these days but we are not always 100% sure what he is saying or that he is even speaking English.  Sometimes it sounds like Hebrew to be completely honest.  His verbal language skills are coming along and he has between 30-40 words and a few two-word sentences.   His receptive language is amazing.  He can follow 2-3 step directions which completely amazes me.   He is great at communicating what he needs and lately making sure the dogs know that everything is "MIIIIINNNNEE!!" They come within a 10 foot radius of him when he is eating, drinking, holding a toy and that is what you'll hear.  I am pretty sure he learns that from school and I am fine with him advocating for himself, but oh my, every 2 minutes when the dog is clear across the room.

Bubbles are another obsession.  He wakes up and asks for bubbles and goes to bed asking for bubbles.  He could play for hours outside with a container of bubbles and a wand.  Well technically he could play as long as there were bubbles left but he usually dumps them all out at some point.  He does it pretty independently until the wand falls too far in to the bottle and he needs help retrieving it, but he really does not care if I blow the bubbles for him so I just watch in wonder at my little man.

I am so in love with this age and of course this little boy.  He is so laid back and easy going he really makes being a mom too easy.  I am hopeful his baby brother will be as easy and kind.  Doubtful I know, but one can wish right?

Now get ready for the photo bomb :)

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