Sep 2, 2014

Welcome to the world, Landon!

On August 26th our world as we know it was forever changed and we welcomed sweet baby Landon.

My labor and delivery was fast and went wonderfully. I was induced due to the coagulation disorder and as with any induction you never know how it may go. Luckily for me I've had two perfect inductions and two heathy babies as a result.

When I arrived on the morning of 8/26 I was 3cm dialated and 75% effaced so it seems Landon was making some good progress on his own. Dr. Z broke my water just before 8am and Pitocin was started. Contractions came on much faster than with B and much more intense. Dr. Z came back to check on me at 11:30 and I was 4cm so he headed back to the office and I thought I'd catch a nap. Heck, why not, could be my last one for awhile. My epidural was in so I was comfortable.

75 minutes later the nurse came in to check on me because Landon's heart rate was a little erratic. Turns out he was really low and I was fully dialated- 4-10cm in less than 90 minutes. Since I was so numb I asked to wait to push and they turned off the epidural. An hour later and 4 pushes sweet baby L graced this world.

I'm feeling incredibly blessed. I've always dreamed of being a mom of boys- football Sunday, grass stains and worms. Yup, I dig it all.

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Aug 15, 2014

Total Push Over And A Very Spoiled Kiddo

B: More melon
Me: sure thing Monkey

B: More choo-coo
Me: Yes, pumpkin sure thing

B: More Mickey
Me: No more bubba, we've watched two.
B: Please
Me: Ok, one more

I am the worlds biggest push over mama right now. This little man has made me mush and can pretty much get anything he wants from me. Seriously, anything he wants.

Anyone else overindulge their soon to be big sibling? I'm usually really good about limits with him. He gets one episode of Mickey and knows if he asked for more I'll say no. He knows that when we go to Target he can collect lots of stuff in the cart- mostly the balls and toys from the dollar aisle- but all go back and none (well usually none but sometimes he gets one thing) come home with us. Lately this has not been the case.

Two weeks ago we went to Barnes and Nobel to play with the trains and pick out a book for gift and he wanted a talking Thomas train. Do you know how ridiculously expensive these Thomas trains are? And this one talked so of course it was more.

B: Mama choo-choo
Me: No B we have lots of choo choos at home.
B: Please more choo choo
Me: (looking at the price tag) $30?!?! No buddy not today.
B: Please choo choo
Me: ...Well... Ok buddy. You've been a good boy.

I bought a $30, 6 inch talking choo choo. I'm such a push over. And really? Why are these things $30?? He loves him- he's been carrying him around, sleeping with him every night so I guess I can chalk it up as not wasting money, right?

The next week while doing out normal weekend trip to Target, out of the corner of his eye he caught the aisle with the trains. "Mama choo choo." Oh boy, here we go. Why I even went down there I don't know, but the next thing I knew we owned another talking train, this time "cheeky Charlie!" Target's prices weren't as crazy- only $20 for this one.

Please tell me I'm not alone in this terrible habit. I never do this- well not to this extreme. I'm a "no" mom, usually, but knowing that his world is going to change has me soft. I think he knows it too- he's living quite the amazing little life right now.

Jul 30, 2014

Emotions Running Wild

I am not nervous about being a mom of two in just under 5 weeks but I am feeling all sorts of other things. The biggest being slightly sad that I only have a few more weeks of just me and Bman.  He is my baby-- how could that ever really change?

As I sat at the dinner table and chatted with him about his day at school with his friends I just started crying. The days of just me and B at the dinner table are nearing an end and I'm not sure how to cope with it.  I know he will never remember a life of just me and him at the table but I will and I am certainly going to miss it.

I know life will be exciting and a new adventure.  I know that these two little guys will be the best of friends and giving him a brother is the greatest gift we could have ever give B, but I will can't help but want more time with just he and I.  I want to freeze time- well maybe not because I am over being pregnant- but I want just a few more dinner dates where my attention is just on the first little love of my life.

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